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At Maria Hall Photography, we have a unique approach to how we price our weddings...

We simply offer to beat the price of any comparable photographer by 20%. Yep, that's it. It's that simple.

So, how does that work? Well, all you have to do is provide us with a quote from any other comparable photographer and we will provide you with the
exact same "package" for 20% less than what they are asking.

Here's a few examples of weddings that we booked recently where the bride and groom took advantage of this offer!

A local photographer offered the couple 6 hours of wedding day coverage plus all of the final, edited images on DVD for $1995. We offered the
couple the same deal but for 20% less - they only had to pay $1,596! That's a savings of $399! Hooray!!!

A photographer made another couple an offer to cover a small wedding of just 3 hours for $995. The couple was going to get coverage by two
photographers for three hours for $1295. We asked for just $1,036 - a savings of $259! Woohoo!

Another couple came to us after seeing our site - they were just about to choose another photographer who is also here in Columbus ( they
thought they couldn't afford us! ) but checked with us to see what we could do for them. They provided us with the quote from the other
photographer, which was $2999 for an eight hour wedding in Cleveland with two photographers, with the couple receiving a USB  of final images with
rights release. We offered the same coverage for just $2399 - an enormous savings of $600!

That is how it works, and we think you'll agree that it really couldn't be any simpler than that. So before you sign on the dotted line with any other
photographer, we ask that you give us your consideration and see what we can do for you!